Where it began…

The story of the 8BitPepes begins like any other beautiful story: An idea.

This idea quickly evolved from something intangible, to a vision, and then something achievable.

Let’s take a sneakpeak of the little excerpt that perfectly encapsulates our vision at 8BitPepes.

As the Pepes journey through the valley of death, only feels could be felt in their hearts. Left and right they could see thousands fallen on an impossible journey. Funny little creatures, animals, and aliens of different colors, materials, and shapes lying left and right. With the sun cascading down the rocky edges of the ancient valley, one could almost see a glimpse of hope that each creature had once carried. Shivers echoed through the Pepes, was it fear or sadness? No one could say, but they too were marching the same path as the fallen. One hopeful Pepe had the courage to peer into the lifeless eye only to confirm the deep dark abyss that peered back.

As an on looker, the march seems like a simple one. To an outsider, the march looks like a pointless one. For those that observe the march closely will know, there is no journey like this one.

Once the journey is braved, those that march fall victim to gods that control their destiny. Will there be gods who are faithful to the cause and cheer them on? Will there be gods who protect them? Or will they be wiped by fabricated disasters?

The Pepes march for a different reason. The feels army was deployed with one mission and one goal only: Salvation. They didn’t need to reach the end, their existence was to ensure that anyone else who dared enter the valley of death had a fighting chance.

Welcome to all those who are here, and warm regards to future readers and enthusiasts. The team welcomes all of you on the path towards revolution and change.

The 8BitPepes Metaverse isn’t your average joe NFT startup. It’s a movement that will wildly and pleasantly shock the existing and aspiring NFT community.

In collaboration with some of the biggest NFT collectors in existence, the 8BitPepes focus on alleviating the growth pains that the current NFT space faces. Paired with some of the best smart contract developers and NFT aficionado, the unique hand curated NFTs are truly just the tip of the iceberg.

Official Website: https://8bitpepes.io/



The feels army marching to reshape the NFT world. It’s time for a revolution.

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The feels army marching to reshape the NFT world. It’s time for a revolution.